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Best Remedies To Prevent Pimples

Pimples have become a common problem in our society irrespective of the sex of the individual. Though girls are more cautious in dealing with them, the same cannot be said for guys! They generally prick and poke and are presented with a lifelong scar. The main cause of pimple formation is due to our facial skin pores getting clogged. Moreover, exposure to dust and other pollutants help in amplifying the root cause.

Another effective mechanism for the purpose of pimple treatment is with the use of toothpaste. Toothpaste consists of ingredients like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and methanol which are considered very beneficial for pimple treatment. However, we must be cautious of the fact that we must only use white toothpaste for pimple treatment and no other types of toothpaste. How to prevent pimples using white toothpaste? Use of toothpaste for treatment of pimples is a very easy task. We simply have to apply the toothpaste on the affected area for two hours or overnight. Removal of the toothpaste from the skin can be done using a damp washcloth followed by application of a smooth moisturizer. It is recommended to use toothpaste for pimple treatment for a week or two for desired results.

Amongst the home remedies for pimple treatment, another effective mechanism is with the use of steam. Steam can be used for pimple treatment due to its ability to alleviate minor skin problems including pimples. Steam has been recommended for pimple treatment as it can open up skin pores allowing the skin to breathe. It can also help in flushing out the dirt, oil, and bacteria trapped deep within our skin. How to prevent pimples using steam? Firstly, we must boil a pot of water and then transfer it to another larger bowl. We must allow the water to cool down before using the ensuing steam as it might burn our face. Once the temperature of the water comes down to the desired temperature we can place our face above the bowl covering our head with a towel in order to trap the steam. We must stay in such a position for ten to fifteen minutes before washing off the moisture in our face with a towel. Repetition of the process for two to three times a day for a week can result in a reduction of pimples and make our skin glow.

Ice Pack
Ice may also be used as an effective pimple treatment owing to its ability to increase blood circulation in the affected areas on the skin. It acts by helping freeze the clogged skin pores that can ensure removal of the oil and dust particle deposition from the skin. The use of ice pack has received special recognition in pimple treatment as it can help reduce pain and inflammation caused due to pimples.

How to prevent pimples using icepack? Firstly ice cubes must be crushed and then wrapped in a clean cloth. Once ready we can use the pack to gently press against the affected area. We must follow the process at least three to four times maintaining a few minute intervals between applications. This simple treatment is recommended for daily use in order to get rid of pimples as fast as possible. We must be very cautious while using ice to our face as applying directly may cause ice burn.

The antibacterial, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of cinnamon can make it a potent medicine for pimple treatment.  A very popular pimple treatment which has found takers all over the world is cinnamon when used in a combination with honey. How to prevent pimples using cinnamon? We must prepare a thick paste by a combination of two tablespoons of honey with a combination of one teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Application of this paste on the affected area of the skin for a period of ten to fifteen minutes can go a long way in the treatment of pimples. Following this process for a couple of weeks can prove to particularly helpful in pimple reduction within a very short time.

Apple Cider Vinegar
The astringent properties of apple cider vinegar give it a special privilege to be used for pimple treatment. It is a natural antibiotic and possesses antiseptic qualities that can help kill bacteria causing pimples. It can be used extensively for pimple treatment due to its ability to restore the pH of the skin which reduces the chances of bacteria to thrive on the skin. How to prevent pimples using apple cider vinegar? First, we need to combine a mixture of unfiltered apple cider vinegar and water in a 1:3 ratio. After preparing the solution, we can directly apply it to a pimple affected areas.  We can leave the solution on the skin for a maximum of ten minutes followed by a rinse of water to wash it away. Apple Cider Vinegar, when applied on the pimple affected area, can produce magical results when used regularly.