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10 Kids Whose Logic Will Make Your Head Spin

Kids’ logic is peculiar, to mention the smallest amount . Children can invent the foremost bizarre connections between things to raised understand and navigate the planet around them. and youngsters are often stubborn while pursuing what they need . So, seeing how this logic diverges with “boring, objective reality” will always provide us with comedy gold.

Bright Side collected 19 photos for instance the wild world of youngsters , and that we invite you to require a glance at this weirdness along side us.

1. “Laugh all you would like , this watermelon thing is delicious.”

2. “Took my daughter for a hike. She wanted to pack her own gear. this is often what she packed.”

3. “I fed my kid real food for the primary time.”

4. “My kids couldn’t be more different. Meet Tinkerbell...and Bologna Sandwich.”

5. “My 3-year-old son winning at hide-and-seek”

6. “I came home from work to my purple son, painted by my daughter.”

7. “New baby arrived home yesterday. I told my son to not get too close. This was his solution.”

8. the foremost reliable thanks to get out of the house unnoticed

9. This girl cut her hair. She’s feeling it. No regrets.

10. “My son found seashells on his first trip to the beach. I didn’t have the guts to inform him.”