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Top 5 Nail Trends for This Summer

Follow the latest trends in the nail world, and always be in style! They maybe change every season, but we guarantee you that this summer all of them are gorgeous! They give you space to experiment, express yourself and change the looks as you please, and while doing that you will be following the trends too. It is important for every lady to maintain her nails in perfect form, doing manicures and caring about their health. But, it is always a plus to have a great polish and wear the color that suits you the most, and which will be also a trendy one.

1. Metallic Shades

Feel free to use every metallic shade you can find. They are trendy and look glamorous. You can add details if you want, or you can leave them as they are, simple but impressive.

2. Glittery Nails

For all of you that like sparkles, glitter and shimmery nails, this are great news. You can exaggerate with the sparkles how ever how much you want. No one will judge you, and be sure that your nails will be in the center of attention.

3.Matching Colors

This season you can feel free to match your colors, choose lipstick color as same as your nail polish, or make your nails the same shade as your boots, handbag, coat, or what ever detail you are wearing

4. Bordeaux Nails

You can wear all the darker colors, and every shade of red that you like, burgundy, bordeaux, maroon, and all of the other warm tones that are perfect for summer

5. Moon Shape

The moon shape is irresistible and if you are fan of it too, you should know that it is your time to wear it! There are million ways to experiment with it, so just go with the flow and work your magic on your nails

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