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5 Tips For Mastering False Eyelashes Application

Flirty sultry eyes, who can resist them? And we know that what makes that sexy look so special are the lashes. But, unfortunately not all of us were blessed with gorgeous long eyelashes, so we need to do a little cheating to create that look. But, it’s not a big deal, because with a few strokes you can have long, perfectly curved lashes, and all of that thanks to the person who invented the false eyelashes. Sure we can’t thank him enough.

1. Tweezers Are a Big Help

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You should prefer tweezers instead of hands for application, because they are much more precise to use. When you put the lashes on, use the back side of the tweezers to hold the inner corner of the lashes a few seconds pressed to the skin until the glue dries completely.
Another amazing tip is to pull the access skin on the eyelid above the false lashes with the same back side of the tweezers, so it will stick on the glue that haven’t dried and in the same time will cover the line of the falsies and make them look more natural.

2. Position The Mirror Laid on The Table

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We have all struggled to apply the lashes with the mirror in front of us. But this amazing trick shows us how to properly apply them: lay the mirror on the table, so you would be able to see everything you are doing.

3. Curl The False Lashes

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Don’t be afraid to curl the false lashes, there is nothing that can happen to them, so you need to start treating them as you treat your own. Curl them to get the desired curve.

4. Eye Liner to Hide The Falsies Line

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We recommend to apply the lashes at the end of the makeup, so they can be the last step. But if you have leftovers from the glue or the line on the falsies is a bit different color from your lashes, don’t be afraid to paint that line with black eye liner.

5.  Lash Glue Directly on The Lid

via thebeautydepartment.com
Another technique for applying the lashes is to add glue directly on the eyelid, instead of the falsies. This way you have more control on the glue and the position on the lashes. Open the link to find more instructions.

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