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5 Negative Space Nail Art Ideas

If you are unsure of what is the best look to try out, we have 5 great ideas for you to check out. Out opinion is that this trend looks the best in monochromatic colors, but for the ones that like to be colorful there are some suggestions below as well!

1. Black and Gold

via thepolishedbean.com
This combination is timeless, so if you want to be elegant and don’t know what colors to combine, immediately go with black and gold! Open the link to find the instructions for this nails.

2. Nude Tria

via fashionsy.com
Another triangle shape look, and we choose to show it to you just so you can see that the nudes are also a great combination with the negative space. This long almond shape nails go perfect with the whole nail art.

3. Half Heart

via dropdeadgorgeousdaily.com
This is really undefined shape, but it associates on a half of a heart. Here you are not limited on how big the shape is, or on which point on the nail it will be placed, because this is an abstract look and gives you space to use your imagination.

4.Pastel Blue Moon Shape

 via beautyeditor.ca
The moon shape is everywhere, which is a good thing! This is one amazing look, the structure, the beautiful color and the shape, everything is just in place. And yet the best thing is that the nail art on the other hand is reversed, which makes the look even more dimensional.

5 Karl Lagerfeld Nails

via mapacte3.com
If you want to have this Chanel fashion designer face on your nails, which looks insanely cute and classy, here is one simple way to find out how. Start with a french manicure, and then drab a “B” shape facing downwards, which will be the glasses. The collar can be formed with two white triangles on a black background.

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