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5 Ways To Lessen a Double Chin

There are different approaches to loose the double chin, some people choose to go under the knife and others choose daily exercising and a change of the lifestyle to accomplish the goal of getting rid of the double chin. If you follow the instructions down bellow and be consistent you can loose your double chin in no time. Start doing these exercises, change your make up routine, maybe opt for another hairstyle, these simple steps will help you withdraw the under chin. You can opt for a doctor’s opinion, to investigate the problem deeper.

1. Get a New Hairstyle

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A change of your hairstyle can visually minimize the double chin. Go to the hairstylist and ask for a suggestion. Most of the times what works best is the long-bob haircut, an angled haircut ( longer hair in front, shorter hair in the back) or layered waves.

2. Use Make Up To Cover It

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Conceal the under chin with make up. Draw attention away from the chin by highlighting the eyes. If you can couture your face that is great, if not, just use soft blush for the cheek bones. Wear mascara, eyeliner to make your eyes appear larger so that they draw the attention.

3. Chew Gum

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Chewing gums are delicious, contribute to fresh breath and the most important thing, they strengthen the jaw muscles. The jaw muscles activate when we eat, talk etc. but by chewing the gum constantly you activate them even more and that leads to less of a double chin.

4. Do Regular Exercises

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Doing daily activities such as cardio (running, swimming etc.), weight training etc. aid to burning fat, and therefore loosing weight. If your under chin is a consequence of weight gain, then loose weight by exercising regularly.

5. Limit Your Calorie Intake

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Besides exercising, regulating your caloric intake is crucial for loosing weight and therefore loosing the double chin. There are million websites that can help you to calculate your daily caloric intake, or visit a nutritionist if you need extra help. Eat healthy foods, stay away from foods with trans fats (junk food, sweets).

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