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5 Creative & Fun Ways To Refashion Old T-Shirts

Want a simple and casual everyday look? Combine them with jeans and sneakers. Need something cool yet fancy for the summer? T-shirts, skirts and sandals it is. Wish to show your support for a band or a sports team? T-shirts are the way to go. And what if you want a truly creative t-shirt look that will make you stand out even among other t-shirt wearing fashionistas? Then this list is just what you're looking for. Get some sewing supplies ready and prepare to turn old, boring t-shirts into glamorous items.

1. Slashed T-Shirt With V-Neck Illusion

Breathe new life into a plain t-shirt with this edgy and fashionable twist. Get the tutorial from HERE

2. Kimono From a T-Shirt

This unique DIY project won't even require sewing. Get the tutorial from HERE

3. Romantic Lace T-Shirt

From old and plain to pretty and feminine. Get the tutorial from HERE

4 . Stenciled T-Shirt

Unleash your imagination and create your own t-shirt designs! Get the tutorial from HERE

5.  Bow T-Shirt

Add a cute touch to an old shirt. Get the tutorial from HERE

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