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5 Nail Trends for Spring-2017

New trends are coming out every season and with no exception this season is the most fun and creative one. Is it because of the spring euphoria, or the announcing of the sweet, sweet summer? You tell us.  On the runways we were able to spot the latest nail trends that will be hot this upcoming season. You will not believe your eyes when looking at the mesmerizing and super fun nails that designers come up with this season. They are super trendy, don’t turn your back on the latest nail fashion trends.

1. Single Gold Strip Manicure
via magiclady.net
A simple golden strip can add so much elegance to the plain look. We have a clean white manicure with a significant detail. Take notes, it will be a total trend this summer, for sure.

2. Removed Polish Manicure
via andicolouryourlife.blogspot.com
This trend is a bit daring, do you have the courage to wear it? It is done by painting the nail and then removing the nail polish, leaving  only polish marks at the bottom of your nail.

3. Double-French-Tipped Manicure
via andicolouryourlife.blogspot.com
Inspired by the sandy beaches and the waves, this look is definitely the most summer-reminding manicure ever. It is a double french manicure with two colors, light blue and white with a nude base.

4. Black Manicure With Silver Edges
via fashionblogger.ru
Matt black is a necessity this season. Combined with silver stripes at the lower edges, it is the perfect combination of contrast and rebel. The look was created by the talented Gina Edwards.

5. Nude Manicure With Diamond Embellishment
via bonails.be
Spring is a reminder of youth and purity. Why not paint your nails with the most natural, nude nail polish you can find and then add a diamond or any kind of nail stone to complete the look? It looks fresh, young and so 2015.

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