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5 Celebrity Beauty Routines To Steal

Well every star has its own weapon. When it comes to beauty, it’s not all about getting layers and layers of makeup, but keeping your skin healthy and moisturized all the time. From drinking a lot of water to getting enough of sleep, some of the most gorgeous stars reveal their secrets.

From tricks to every day beauty routines, here we compiled a list of top 5 celebrity beauty tips that you can add to your beauty regime and get the perfect look.

1. Olivia Palermo
via be.com
The style icon wears red every day on her nails! She almost never change the color and her hands and feet are always matching. When it comes to makeup, she likes matte foundation with a nude lip and smoky eyes!

2. Emma Stone
via makers.com
Emma Stone is always trying to focus on three things in her daily life: sleep from 6-7 hours, moisturize and work on her eyebrows. Since she is allergic to almost everything, she uses olive oil to moisturize her skin, which is very beneficial and healthy. Well, what do you think?

3. Mila Kunis
via mirror.co.uk
She advices that changing your pillowcases regularly and washing your face before sleeping will do miracles for your skin. So even if you feel lazy, or you are tired after a crazy night out, never forget to wash your skin before bed, because leaving makeup on overnight can worsen the skin aging process.

4. Cameron Diaz
via artcreationforever.com
If someone is doing it right, that is absolutely Cameron Diaz! She exercises regularly, drinks plenty of water and smiles as much as she can! So if you really like the way she look, try her beauty routine, it will work absolutely!

5. Sarah Jessica Parker
via vogue.com
Former “sex and the city” actress swears that doing yoga whenever she can makes her feel and look wonderful. Besides that, her favorite makeup products are a good mascara and a perfect anti age cream. Since she aged naturally and beautifully, those tips may help.

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