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10 Ways To Build A Miniature Garden With Items Found In Your House

1. Make a herb garden with jars.

Learn how to make the jars’ drainage system here.

2. Build mirrored planters.

Learn how to make these beauties here.

3. Turn old cans into planters.

Use either old coffee cans or paint cans. Poke holes in the bottom for drainage and then paint the cans. For more details go here.

4. Construct hanging terrariums out of bait bags.

Get the full instructions for these beautiful hanging pots here.

5. Put together a crate garden.

This idea is great for people who don’t have a lot of outdoor space to start a garden. Get the details on how to make a wine box garden here or a crate garden here.

6. Fashion a hanging garden.

All you need is three baskets, rope, soil, seeds, and two screws. Directions here.

7. Make a vertical garden out of a shoe caddy.

Learn how here.

8. Create a string garden.

The “Kokedama” is a Japanese form of gardening that is basically a bonsai grown in ball form, covered in moss and living outside of a pot. This is perfect for people who have too many mosquitos. Directions here.

9. Create magnetic wall terrariums.

With magnetic backs, these terrariums can be placed on any metal surface. Directions here.

10. Start seedlings in an egg carton.

Pretty much the same as the citrus peels. If you don’t want to clean out the eggs, seeds can be placed directly in the egg carton. 

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