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how to plant a salsa garden


Tomatoes: choose meaty, full-flavored ones, such as Romas, San Marzanos, Amish Pastes, Beefsteaks, or Brandywines.

Hot Peppers: plant a mix: jalapeƱos for sure, serranos or anaheims for heat and flavor, habaƱeros for extreme heat, and poblanos if you want to roast some of the peppers for a smoky, chipotle note to your salsa.

Cilantro: plan to plant this every 2-3 weeks through the summer so you’re never without (it wilts quickly in the heat and can go to seed within days, so you’ll want a fresh supply).

Garlic: this will need to overwinter, so plan to plant garlic in the fall

Spanish or White Onions: these can be planted either in the fall for overwintering, in the mid-spring, or along with all your other plants. They take much longer to germinate and grow to their full maturity, though, so an early planting is a good idea, if possible..