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Feel like a movie star in this Body Bling. Worth every penny. Easy to wash off but also looks like a real tan! #Skin_Care

Body Bling Bronzer
This is the only sunless lotion that I have bought again and again. Is also the only wash off tan color that doesn't make me look either orangy or charcoal gray. I only uses it at night when I am going out, and get lots of compliments from my friends. Is not a good idea to wear it with white or light color clothing because it does stains the cloth a little, but it can be washed off easily. This does not make your tan look uneven.

Yes, it is hard to get the color even on your skin, but I learned to stand in the shower for 1-2sec after I applied the body lotion, then rub my skin again, this will help that lotion to distribute more evenly and look more natural than before you step into the shower. Is an extra step, but totally worth it.

Scott Barnes Body Bling Moisturizing Shimmering Body Lotion

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