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How to Apply And Remove False Eyelashes

False lashes seem to intimidate some women – whether it’s the application process, the removal, or just how to wear them. Well, fear no more ladies! With false lashes you can create a very dramatic and flashy look, or a very easy going look that helps to accentuate your eyes. Try these few steps to help apply and remove your false lashes.

How to Apply False Lashes: 

To start, go ahead and apply your eye makeup so that your false lashes will have a base to hold to. If you put false lashes onto a makeup free eye, you run the risk of them becoming unattached due to the natural oil on your skin.
  1. Gently peel your chosen false lashes out of their case using either your fingers or tweezers.
  1. Take your false eyelashes and hold each end of the eyelashes and move them up and down to form a curved shape. 
  1. Take your false lashes and place them on top of your lash line. Check to make sure they match up with your natural lash line. If they do not match up, take scissors and snip the excess lashes where the longest lashes are. 
  1. Squeeze a small amount of your lash adhesive onto a clean surface.
  1. Use a toothpick, the end of a makeup brush, or tweezers to apply a thin line of lash adhesive onto the band of your false lashes. Make sure when you apply the lash adhesive to add more to the ends as these tend to peel off.
  1. Pick up your lashes with your fingers or your tweezers but try not to touch the adhesive. 
  1. Squint your eyes slightly and bring your false lashes up to your lash line. Set the middle of your falsies to the middle of your lash line.
  1. Take the outer corners of the false lashes and line them up with your lash line. Try to get the false lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible but not touching your real lashes. Press your false lashes down gently (make sure to get the ends and hold them down for a bit longer just to make sure they stick) 
  1. Let your lashes adhere to your lash line for about 1 to 2 minutes. 
  1. Once they have dried, you can apply a dark eye shadow or a liner to camouflage the false eyelashes with your own. 
How to remove False Eyelashes:

Never start by just pulling your fake eyelashes off! When you tug on them, you run the risk of pulling some of your natural lashes off or irritating your eyelids. The best way to remove your false eyelashes is to use a makeup remover and a Q-tip. All you need to do is soak the Q-tip in the remover and rub it gently over the base of the eyelashes. This will loosen the falsies up and help to remove the glue.

Once you start to see the false eyelash band peeling up, hold the outer corner of your eye and gently pull them away from your eye. Remove the rest of your makeup and you are good to go!

Quick Tip: 
False Eyelashes, when taken care of can be used more than once. To keep your false eyelashes in usable condition try this. Once you have taken off your falsies, let them soak in a warm soapy mixture or some makeup remover.

After they have soaked for a bit, take them out and gently pull off the glue from the eye lash band with tweezers. To store them, simply dry them off and stick them back in their original container.

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