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Pilates Moves For A Flatter Stomach

Sit tall with a straight back and long waist. Open your arms straight out to your sides at shoulder-height and “crack a walnut” between your blades. Open your legs wider than your shoulders, flex your feet from the ankles, and anchor your bottom to the mat

  • (A). Inhale as you rotate your trunk to the left and round over your left knee; pressing your right hand against the outer edge of your left foot and lifting your back arm as high as possible, palm down 
  • (B). Exhale as you slide your right hand along your outer foot in three progressive forward “sawing” motions while drawing back in your right hip to create diagonal opposition for your oblique abs (keep the weight of your lower body even on the mat no matter what the upper body is doing) 
  • (C). Inhale and return to start. Repeat the sequence, twisting right. Perform three sets.
More moves at : www.womenshealthmag.com