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Use Charcoal To Get Rid Of Clogged Pores

Activated charcoal is a processed form of charcoal made from petroleum coke, peat, coal, sawdust, and bone char. It is manufactured by processing the materials at high temperature. This makes the particles more porous and removes the harmful elements from it.

How Does it Work
Activated charcoal is very effective in cleaning the pores in our skin. As it is negatively charged, it attracts the positively charged dust and oils from our skin. Also, charcoal is not even absorbed by the human body. After all the impurities are removed, it leaves behind soft and healthy skin, free of clogged pores.

What Do We Need
We need the following ingredients to use activated charcoal in the form of mask:

Activated charcoal
Baking soda
Coconut oil
Wooden or glass bowl
Wooden or glass spoon

How to Use
Combine all the ingredients in the bowl.
After mixing all the ingredients, add a spoonful of water and stir it well.
Wash/clean your face to remove the dirt and sweat.
Use hands or brush to apply the paste on the face.
Let the mask applied free on your face and wait for 10-15 minutes.
After that, peel off the mask slowly, leaving behind healthy soft skin.

When to Apply
There is no specific time that you should apply the charcoal. You can apply the mask in the mornings or the evenings. Just don’t overdo it. Use it 2-3 time in a week and not every day as the natural oils must be preserved on the skin.

How Long Does it Take?
The process is not too long. The charcoal (the carbon particles) react very quickly with the dirt and impurities on the skin pores. Usually, 10-20 minutes are enough for a charcoal mask to clean the skin.

So, What Does it Mean?

Skin is very soft tissue and needs proper care. Oils, dust, dirt, pollution, toxic gases, etc. make our skin unhealthy. Dry skin, clogged pores and skin infections all can only be avoided by a little care. Activated charcoal is the best item in the market till date to do so. It cleanses the skin, do not harm the soft tissues and is easy to use. So, make sure you give your skin the best product in the market.