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5 Super Easy Glittery Nail Art Ideas

Those of you who love painting your nails, know that there are thousands of ideas to be tried, no matter the season, the holiday, the occasion. It’s really fun and polished nails can be the perfect details to a whole outfit.

It will take you just few minutes for each idea and you can make almost every of it with just two nail polishes. Check them out and let us know which is your favorite!

1. Mermaid Effect Glitter

via lucysstash.com
To create the mermaid glitter effect, first it’s recommended to coat your nails with white creme gel polish because it makes neon colors to appear brighter. Then, paint your nails in two halves with different colors to create the gradient effect. Use a brush to blend it. When you’re done blending, apply a special nail polish for mermaid effect and last step is covering the nails with topcoat. You can use other colors if these aren’t your thing!

2. Black Matte with Glitter

via sayitwithpolish.com.au
This nail look is an amazing combination of matte and glitter. You can use a black matte nail polish or any other color you like. Add one or more coats if you need to and then think about how you want your glitter to be. You can choose spike like on the picture, or some other shape. Cutting a paper in that shape and placing it on top of our nails can save us time from correcting mistakes.

3. Rainbow Glitter Gradient

via hairnailsetc.com
We’re back to the gradient effect. There are so many beautiful nail art ideas and it was really hard picking only few! For this one you need a beige or nude colored nail polish as your base coat and glittery nail polish, such as the one on the picture. It’s really simple – apply the base coat, wait for it to dry and then apply the glittery nail polish, with few more coats on the tips for the gradient effect.

4. Minimalist Glitter

via magiclaquer.blogspot.mk
If everything so far was too much for you, we picked this one as our last idea. It’s an amazing combination of minimalism, french manicure and glitter. Besides that, it’s so simple that we’re pretty sure you’ll make it even on your first try. Just paint your nail in neutral nail polish (maybe matte too?), and then just apply just a small horizontal glitter coat to achieve the french manicure look and you’re done.

5. Colorful Glitter

via chalkboardnails.com
This nail art is super easy, but it requires some time and definitely lots of patience because you arrange each piece of glitter. First start by painting your nails black and apply a stripe of horizontal clear nail polish in order to stick the glitter to. Next step is putting each piece of glitter carefully with a dotting tool dipped in water. If you wish a smoother texture, after you’re done with the glitter, just do a topcoat.