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5 Beautiful & Sparkly Things You Can Make With Glitter

Glitter is one of the cutest things in the world, it can make anything sparkly and glamorous. But what can you really do with glitter? The possibilities are endless. Here we brought you these glitter project ideas you can make at home, to add the sparkly look to various objects.

1. Glitter Vases

They’re perfect for parties, weddings or just to add a touch of sparkle to your dining room table.View tutorial here.

2. Glittered Pinecones

Add major color, sparkle, and glam to your holiday display with these easy DIY glittered pinecones.View tutorial here.

3 Falling Leaves Garland

Use glitter and leaves to make this fall garland.View tutorial here.

4. Sparkly Glittered Lantern

There are lots of ways to dress up plain paper lanterns, but this is a really fun and easy idea.View tutorial here.

5. DIY Glitter Jam Jar

Add a tablespoon of glycerin to make the water more viscous and thick so the glitter settles more slowly.View tutorial here.

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