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5 Creative DIY Lampshades

It is important where you place lamps, what type of lighting you use and also the lampshade plays a crucial role. A pretty lampshade can completely warm up your home. While the designer lighting can be quite costly with some creativity and different materials you can dress up your old lampshades or build one from scratch. Make yourself a stylish and original lamp with the help of any of these fantastic DIY projects!

1. Globe Pendant from Salad Bowls

via madincrafts.com
Would you have guessed that this stylish lampshade is made with two salad bowls. It takes a bit more time to build but by following this excellent step-by-step tutorial you can get this project done quickly. Make sure to use plastic salad bowls plastic that are more rigid, not rubbery, because it will be easier  to work with.

2. Pendant Lamp of Enameled Colander

via www.shelterness.com
We love this ideas of using enameled colander as a lampshade in the kitchen! It gives the room a rustic look, it is simple and yet very creative. It does not require any preparation, just drill a hole in the bottom for the wire and insert it. Than attach a light bulb socket inside of it, hang the lamp and you have a beautiful new design.

3. Vintage Map Lampshade

via www.prettyhandygirl.com
With vintage maps you can create a unique decoration and also a statement that shows your passion for traveling and exploring. If you have an old shabby lampshade this is simple way of creating something exciting. It is easier if the shade is a perfect cylinder but following the tutorial you won’t have problems even if you have a cone shape shade

4. Crocheted Doily Lampshade

via serenitytimes3.hubpages.com
Instead of using yarn get some crocheted doilies from your grandmother’s house or from an antique shop. All you need is glue (anything that dries clean), a balloon, wax (or petroleum jelly) and doilies. With the same method as the Yarn Lampshade one, you can make this beautiful lace lampshade for a romantic and elegant look.

5. Yarn Lampshade

via www.danamadeit.com
If you need a new and unique lampshade, here is a simple project that is super easy and inexpensive to make. You can use any type of yarn or even hemp for a natural look. With a last decorative touch you can get the perfect shade that suits best your apartment. It is also a fun kids projects for the weekend!

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