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Wacky Gardening Hacks That Actually Work

Every gardener has their own wacky solutions that really work, so we’ve rounded up some of the best #GardeningHacks from Instagram that will save you time and major frustration. Here are 10 of our favorites.

1. Wine Bottle Self-Watering Pots

You don't have to shell out lots of money for pricey self-watering systems. Simply fill up old glass wine or olive oil bottles with water, and place the open end into a terra cotta irrigation spike like these ones. The water will release slowly through the terra cotta into the soil, so you can go several days without watering. Genius!

2. Pantyhose To Prop Up Melons

Growing melons on a trellis helps prevents a number of plant diseases. The problem: Melons are so heavy that, if left unsupported, they'll break off prematurely.
The surprising solution: pantyhose. Cut off the legs and use them to form slings around the melons, securing them to the trellis until they're fully ripe.

3.Old Umbrella Turned Trellis

Your old broken patio umbrella can become a trellis, and so can a clothes line! Simply attach some string or twine, then stake it into the ground to give your tomatoes and beans upward mobility.

4. Beer To Banish Bugs

Pests like caterpillars and snails are attracted to the yeast in the beer, so the idea behind this "beer moat" is that they'll climb into the bowls and drown before they get a chance to reach the plant above.

5. Half-Gallon Jug Herb Garden

All you need are some plastic half-gallon jugs, scissors, and a long thin piece of wood to create your very own hanging herb garden. Be sure to poke a few holes into the bottom of the jugs for proper drainage. To avoid direct contact with plastic, place biodegradable pots like these ones into the jugs to form a barrier.

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