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Top 5 Fun St. Patrick's Day Recipes

Here are some traditional recipes to help you celebrate St. Patrick's Day, from hearty Irish stew to rich Irish cream cheesecake.
1. Bacon and Baked Potato Soup

This cheesy potato soup with its salty-smoky crumbled bacon would be a great centerpiece for a St. Patrick's Day dinner. Bacon used to be a more common cooking ingredient in Ireland than corned beef because it was more readily available. Serve this hearty soup with scones or Luck o' the Irish Whole-Wheat Bread. Full recipe from HERE

2. Luck of the Irish Stew

Irish stew was traditionally a thick, filling dish made with ingredients that were both inexpensive and easily available. The stew almost always included lamb (or occasionally goat), potatoes and onions. You can make our version with either boneless lamb or boneless beef chuck roast. Serve with Irish Soda Bread; golden raisins give this bread a hint of sweetness that complements the stew. Full recipe from HERE

3. Squash and Sausage Shepherd’s Pie

Sweet Italian sausage and mashed butternut squash lend a contemporary twist to the traditional Irish Shepherd's Pie. Full recipe from HERE

4. Smoky Cheese and Potato Soup

Smoked cheese, curry and paprika add depth of flavor to this easy potato soup. For St. Patrick's Day, decorate with shamrock-shaped toast topped with pesto. Full recipe from HERE

5. Chocolate-Irish Cream Cheesecake

Combine chocolate, cream cheese, sour cream and Irish cream liqueur for this decadently rich cheesecake. If you prefer a milder liqueur flavor, use a little less Irish cream and add whipping cream or milk to make up the difference.

For an Irish cheesecake with coffee flavoring instead of chocolate, try Irish Coffee Cheesecake, a recipe from an Omaha bakery. Full recipe from HERE

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