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5 Haircuts And Colors To Try This Spring

We're finally shaking off the winter blahs and ready to hit the refresh button—and hair is the easiest place to start. There's no quicker, faster way to get a spring pick-me-up than a trip to the salon. Whether you're looking for a whole new 'do, or just a subtle tweak, we've rounded up 5 superflattering, skin-brightening ways to spring forward this season.

1. The blunt lob

The one-length long bob with blunt cut ends is stunning whether styled pin-straight or with brushed waves (like Kelly Ripa wears it here), says Devin Toth, a stylist at SCK Salon in New York City. It's especially good for someone who can handle a center part—the of-the-moment way to wear it. "You can always tuck one side behind your ear," he says.

Get it: Ask for a one-length cut that hits between jaw and collarbone length without layers, graduation, or bangs, says Toth. The cut should be slightly shorter in the back. Style it straight and sleek . Or, ask your stylist to show you how to use a curling wand for a slight curve at the front hairline as in Ripa's hair here

2. The soft shag

The 70s-inspired shag is back with a few modern updates—this version is softer and more wearable than the edgy, choppy versions of the past. It works for all hair types and gives even straight strands instant texture. Bonus: "It completely opens up your face and draws attention to the jawline," says Toth.

Get it: Tell your stylist that you want a collarbone-length shag with soft, blended layers  throughout, paired with the very on-trend curtain bang—a middle-parted fringe like Mandy Moore wears here.

3. The pixie cut

If you're ready for a major chop, consider Michelle William's sleek short cut. The deep side part makes this daring 'do a bit more flattering, accentuating eyes and cheekbones.

Get it: Ask your stylist to keep the hair on top long, so you can swoop it over to one side. On the sides, hair should be short enough that you can't tuck it behind your ear, but not as short as a men's fade, which shows some skin, says Toth

4. Baby blonde

This blonde hue gets its name from the perfection that is a fair-haired child's color: multi-tonal, usually a combination of dark blonde and light tones. (Want younger-looking hair? Follow these 5 rules.) It's neither super light nor brassy—the color is buttery and honey-toned like Reese Witherspoon's light locks.

Get it: Start with a medium-to-dark blonde base and ask your colorist to add fine, light highlights throughout with foils or balayage, a technique that involves hand-painting highlights throughout. Bonus: The grow out looks natural, so there's less maintenance involved

5. Bronde

When you're just not sure if you want to go light or dark, meet in the middle with bronde hair like Jennifer Lopez. Like the name suggests, this color is a perfect marriage between brunette and blonde tones. Besides getting the best of both worlds, the high contrast hair looks shinier and tends to fade less quickly than other hair hues, says Rhys.

Get it: Your stylist can tweak your bronde based on your skin tone. Warm skin tones can pull off amber or honey brondes, while cool complexions can try an ashier version

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