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5 Exercises to Flatten Your Belly

Many women have problem with their belly. That muffin top sometimes doesn’t want to go away no matter how much we stay away from junk food, but if you haven’t exercised then it is time to consider doing it. Below you will find more information about ten exercises that can help you flatten your belly and if you work hard enough and eat healthy food, you can have the six pack you crave.

1. Mountain Climbers

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To do a mountain climber, start in a push up position. Flex the knee and the hip while bringing one leg up until the knee is under the hip. Start reversing the position of your legs up and down by extending the bent leg until it is straight and supported by toes, while the bringing the other foot up with hip and knee flexed. Mountain climbers are the perfect exercise if you’re up for strength – training workouts.

2. Heel Touch

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This is a really easy exercise that can help you a lot to have the abs from your dreams. Lie down and bend your legs at the knees with your feet being set on the floor and your hands alongside. Exhale, slightly lift up and reach one arm with the parallel heel. Inhale while returning back and repeat the same step with the other arm and heel. While doing this exercise, don’t hold your breath. It’s really important to breath properly and not moving your legs at the same time.

3. Elbow to Knee Crunch

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Once you master the side plank, doing the side plank crunch will be easy as pie. Start the side plank and place your fingers of the top arm behind your head and the elbow to the ceiling. Next step is to bring the knee of the upper leg to the elbow of the top arm together and crunch the side waist. This exercise will have the same effect on your abs just as the regular side plank.

4. Side Plank with Rotation

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To do this exercise, do a side plank and brace your abs by reaching your left hand toward the ceiling. Move your arm up until your torso is parallel to the floor. Slowly return to the side plank position. Do 2 – 3 sets of 5 – 10 reps on each side and make sure to have a short pause between the sets. The plank will definitely strengthen your abdominal muscles, but it will also tighten the mid – section of your body.

5. Dumbbell Pushup Row

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This exercise is a plank, but a little bit of harder than usual because of the dumbbells included. Start the exercise by positioning yourself in plank position with your legs wider apart then the hips. Stabilize the torso, keep the core tight and the glues engaged and lift your right elbow to row. Keep your neck long and energized and repeat the same step with your other arm. If this is too much for you, first try the exercise without the dumbbells and then choose the weight according to your strength level.

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