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5 Creative Ways to Plant a Vertical Garden

As long as you've got a blank wall or a bare fence, you can tend edibles, annuals, even perennials with these vertical gardening ideas.

1. Stacked Pots

This adorably kooky vertical garden doubles as a sculpture and incorporates a small bird bath at the very top. Get the tutorial HERE

2. Hanging Buckets

This indoor vertical garden is constructed using only four basic materials: a cabinet door, hooks, a saw tooth hanger, and some pretty tin buckets. Get the tutorial HERE

3. Leaning Bookshelf

Constructed cedar troughs are mounted to wooden sides and then stained in this crafty vertical garden project .Get the tutorial HERE

4. Shoe Organizer

A hanging shoe organizer doubles perfectly as a vertical garden: its pockets are the ideal size for growing individual plants and herbs. Get the tutorial HERE

5. Ladder

For a decidedly less construction-heavy project, neatly stack pots on the rungs of a ladder. For a bit more flourish, add a hook for a hanging planter. Get the tutorial HERE

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