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5 Easy Minimalist Nail Art Ideas

No matter if you’re a beginner or already very good at making the art, these 5 ideas are going to be easy for all.

In this article we’re showing you 5 ideas presenting the minimalist style. The minimalism is the reason why it’s so easy to do it yourself, and will look so great. You don’t experiment too much, yet what you have is something chic and gorgeous – looking. Check them out and tell us which is your favorite!

1. Dark Tips
via huffingtonpost.ca
Ladies, it really can’t get any simpler than this. No matter if it’s black, white or any other color by your choice, just paint the tips of your nails. It’s so easy to do this, and it’s great if you’re in such a hurry, but still don’t want to leave your home with your nails undone. This is the perfect idea for anyone who doesn’t like spending too much time on doing your nails.

2. Bronze and Black
via winkgo.com
This is similar to the half moon manicure. Black and bronze go very well together and you don’t need to be professional to make your nails to look great. Just put a black coat and on the bottom of the nails paint bronze. This picture just proves how good it looks! The black and bronze nail art will go really well with gold jewelry, so next time when you’ll thing about your nail polish, think about this idea.

3. Spike
via livingly.com
Looking for something edgy for a nail art? Here’s an awesome idea. If you’re tired of the monochrome combination with only using black and white, choose pink. It’s nice and as long as it’s a pastel, more baby pink color, you will achieve the minimalist look. When your done with painting your nail base pink, wait for it to dry and paint black spikes as on the picture.

4. Monochrome
via pshiiit.com
Black and white is such a classic combination, even when it comes to nail art, not just clothes. You can choose whether the base is going to be black and white, it’s up to you. When you make your choice, paint the nails, leave them to dry and then apply the other nail polish with painting small lines like on the picture.

5. Diagonal
via thelovelythings.com
Here’s another super easy idea for everyone who feels to lazy to do some nail art, or someone who is in great hurry. Just pick your favorite nail polish and paint your nails diagonally, with just one part of the nail being painted. Leave out the second part and wait until it’s all dry. It looks chic and it’s great for beginners.

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