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5 Affordable Street Style Outfit Ideas

In this article we are presenting you ten looks worn by this amazing street style icon that you can wear as well. Some of the pieces you might already have, while you can buy the others without spending hundreds of dollars! We made sure to pick something that can be affordable and stylish at the same time, so we hope you’re going to like these ten outfits.

1. Dress and Scarf

via le21eme.com
We’re back to the dresses, but this time with another important detail. Wearing scarf like a Parisian is one very charming way to add detail in your outfit. It’s really simple to copy this look. Just wear your favorite dress, have a scarf around your neck and whether you’re going to wear heels or flats, it’s up to you. Either way you’re rocking the look!

2. Maxi Skirt

via vogue.com
The maxi skirt is the piece of clothing that will never go out of style. It’s perfect for any occasion or even for no occasion at all. The skirt is comfortable to wear and if you pick the right piece, it can be stylish as well. Olivia Palermo worn this skirt in a combination with plain white shirt and ballet pumps with animal print. Adding a belt is a nice detail too!

3. Off the Shoulder

via doll-memories.com
Everything off the shoulder is such a huge trend this summer, no matter if it is a dress, shirt or a romper. It looks very feminine and since it is the summer trend, having at least one piece of off the shoulder is a must! Here Olivia wears a pleated mini skirt with off the shoulder shirt with an amazing colorful details on the sleeves. Choose your favorite piece and again, this is a combination that you can both wear with heels or sneakers, or even ballet pumps, sandals, Converse… The choice is yours!

4. Summer Dress

via chicobsession.com
It’s time for a new skater dress or for a new way of wearing an old one. Skater dresses are perfect for any occasion, and the queen of street style shows us how we can nail it with just one, simple skater dress. If you wear it a belt and jewelry, your outfit will look more stylish instead of leaving the impression that it is just a dress your wearing. Combine it with a great bag and you’re ready to go!

5. Chic

via fake-leather.com
Here’s another casual outfit that will work for any occasion. Black pants are such a must. Not only they go with almost everything, but the fact itself that are black has its own advantage as well. As you may already now, black can help you appear thinner! So, next time when you’re going to feel like you’re not in the best shape, get your black pants, wear them with something casual like a denim shirt and your favorite pair of high heels. We’re pretty sure that you will feel better!

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