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Easy Exercises for a Flat Belly

Easy Exercises for a Flat Belly

Before starting the exercises, make sure to warm up, in order to avoid any traumas.
Complete exercises 1 to 4 in a row ( 3-4 series each) and then do exercise 5 to release your
stomach muscles and relax the body.

1. Toughen up your stomach muscles
Lay on your back with hands, under your butt. Start moving your legs vertically, as if you are
riding a bike. Do this 20-30 times both back and forth.

2. Straighten up your back
Sit down on your heels, make sure to keep your back straight. Stretch up your arms to a
maximum extend and start leaning your body forward. Stay in this position for 5 seconds
and move back. One series of this exercise count 10 leanings back and forth.

3. Mission: Flat stomach
Lay on your back and put your hands behind your head and your knees on your chest. Now
try to lift up your head as much as possible. Time to breathe in, relax back – time to breathe
out. Do this 20 times in a series.

4.Toughen up your Back muscles
Lay on your chest, put your hands, behind your head and move your body back as much as
possible. Breathe in, while you make the curve and breath out when you relax. Do this 10

5. Relax
Lay on your back, put your left hand aside, bend your knees. Start moving your knees very
slowly to the right and your head to the left. Try this 5-10 times and change the directions.

Source : http://weightloss-ideas.net