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Easiest vegetables and herbs to grow in your backyard garden

Starting a summer garden? Here are the 5 easiest vegetables and herbs to grow in your backyard garden.

Radishes – This is the easiest of all the vegetables to grow and it’s perfect for children. Most varieties are ready to eat in about 20-25 days or so, so succession planting is easy.

Tomatoes – Tomato plants grow quickly and bear a lot of fruit quite easily. For best results with new gardeners, try growing determinate plants (which won’t need as much staking), or cherry tomatoes, which also seem to keep to a fairly compact size.

Carrots – As long as you have good well draining soil, you will have success with carrots. They probably won’t grow as large as the ones that you see in the grocery store, but they are easy to grow and so sweet and delicious.

Bush Beans and Pole Beans – all types of beans are great for beginners. Bush beans are compact, do not need staking and grow very easily with few problems. I find the green variety easier to grow than the yellow ones, Pole beans are also easy to grow as long as you have some support.

Peppers – Both Bell peppers and sweet peppers are very easy to grow. If mine get floppy, I just add a stake and tie them up with pieces of nylon stockings. For the beginner, they are best grown from seedlings rather than seeds. The seeds just need longer to grow but are still easy. Leave the green peppers on the vines long enough and they will turn red. sweet peppers.

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