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5 Weird And Wonderful Houseplants You Never Knew Existed

1. Crassula Umbella
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The nickname for this unique plant is Wine Cup — for obvious reasons. It grows to be up to six inches tall when the flower is in bloom, which features yellowish green buds.

2. Haworthia Cooperi

Even though it might look like a bunch of bubbles settled on it, it's actually those clumps of small rosettes made out of fleshy green leaves that make it so unique.
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3. Euphorbia Tirucalli
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It'll come as no surprise that this plant is often referred to as Firesticks, thanks to the red colour on the ends of the branches. They can grow to be up to 25 feet tall.
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4.  Corkscrew Grass

Even though this grass looks like someone took scissors to it to give it that spiral shape, it grows that way naturally. Since it tends to spread easily when planted in the ground, a pot is the way to go with this stuff.
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5. Platycerium

If you want to grow greenery on the side of your wall, this is the way to do it. Known as a Staghorn Fern, this variety gets its name for its uniquely-shaped leaves that look like, well, animal horns.
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