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10 Houseplants That Will Help You Plan Your Dream Indoor Jungle

1.This tableau of climbing ivy, lipstick plant, and angel wing begonia.

Scientific names: Hedera helix ‘Anita’, Aeschynanthus, and Begonia ‘Angel Wing’ (respectively). From plantingpink.

2. These gorgeous mounted staghorn ferns bringing home decor to a new level.
Scientific name: Platycerium.

3. This petite string of pearls plant and spider plant adorned with glassware.

Scientific names: Senecio rowleyanus and Chlorophytum comosum (respectively). From littleandlush.

4. This friendly fiddle-leaf fig.

Scientific name: Ficus lyrata. From eclectic.leigh.

5. This fashionable display with pops of bright color.

Pictured: Peperomia obtusifolia, Pilea peperomioides, tillandasia, echinocactus grusonii, and Gymnocalycium mihanovichii. From nininoes.

6. This Monstera deliciosa and Ficus bringing an earthy vibe to a bedroom.

From ball_and_claw_vintage.

7. This colorful prayer plant.

Scientific name: Maranta. From alphabeticalife.

8. This areca palm taking in afternoon rays.

Scientific name: Dypsis lutescens. From forage.sundry.

9. This rubber plant accentuating natural furniture.

Scientific name: Ficus elastica. From dutchlivings.

10. This clique of splattered Monsteras.
Scientific names: Monstera deliciosa, variegated Monstera, variegated Borsigiana and Monstera standleyana.

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