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#Beauty : Dead Sea Mud Mask For Acne, Oily Skin & Blackheads

Aria Starr's mud mask 
Dead Sea mud masks can be a hit-or-miss purchase for those who are looking for healthier, clearer skin. If you are currently taking medications, tan regularly, or recently had a waxing procedure, chances are your skin will adversely react to a facial that will deep clean your pores. Having that in mind, be sure to have a 78-hour waiting period before trying out a product like this.

To begin, I make sure to first wipe off all my makeup and exfoliate my face with a gentle scrub to open up my pores and relax my skin. Depending on the your skin type, if you do not exfoliate, any excess oil you have will be released after a facial. This usually results in a breakout, so forgoing this step puts yourself in a vulnerable position for unwanted pimples!

Aria Starr's mud mask is very gentle on your skin and while drying, it does not tighten to an extreme (where you feel like you cannot move your face). This is perfect for those with sensitive skin, and the fragrance is delightful and light.

My results have been an absolute dream-- I cannot emphasize this enough when I say it's my new favorite beauty product. I finish by moisturizing my skin with Argan Oil. I let that absorb so my skin stays hydrated, and I'm good to go for the day! I have noticed a decrease in blemishes, and their size is also significantly smaller.

I love this mud mask. I am definitely going to be ordering more in the future-- definitely a miracle product.

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