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Health Benefits Of Chamomile

From daisy family, the chamomile flower is one of the most popular herbs, used for generations in traditional medicine.

Some of its benefits are:
1. Digestion- the chamomile tea, after meals, is assuring a proper digestion.
2. Stomach strength- chamomile supplements are often used in treating ulcers and gastric problems.
3. Cold- chamomile hot tea and chamomile oil diluted in water, for inhalation, are good remedies for all sorts of cold types.
4. Tired eyes- chamomile oil mixed with water- transformed into ice cubes works well on tired eyes, conjunctivitis and dark circles around the eyes.
5. Relaxation- chamomile oil in bathing water helps in relaxing and calming down stressed nerves.
6.  Insomnia remedy- having sedating properties, the chamomile oil can prevent insomnia, placing a few drops on the pillow and behind the ear lobes before sleeping.
7. Psoriasis treatment- chamomile oil is used in psoriasis and skin problems treatments.
8. Acne treatment- chamomile soothing properties help in treating rashes, pimples and acne.
9. Gum problems- mixed with clove oil, the chamomile oil is used in making a mouth wash that solves all sorts of gum problems.
10. Muscle cramps – a cup of chamomile tea works well in relaxing the muscles during menstruation and relieving from the pain.

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