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Solpuder, rouge och highlighter

How do you mean when you want to use bronzer, blush and highlighter? I apply everything in one place so it just looks gray and cakey out. How and where applicear it?

Answer: The most important thing is to divide them in the face, mix them together, but do not put them completely on each other. I made a video tutorial on how to do so that you can more easily see where I apply the different products when I want to use them simultaneously.

  • Bronzer: Maybelline, fit me - 200s 
  • Solpuderborste: Real Techniques - Blush Brush 
  • Rouge: Deborah Milano - spicy 04 
  • Blush brush: MAC # 129 
  • Highlighter: KICKS, eyeshadow - dytime (matte) 
  • Highlighter 2: MAC, village candle method (shimmer) 
  • Highlighter Brush: MAC 130 short duo fiber brush
Full instruction at : youtube
Full tutorial from : blogg.veckorevyn.com

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